Collaborative and secure savings

Your contributions are confined to a payment account (Wallet) which will be opened with our approved and controlled payment service partner

Co-savings and an alternative to a bank loan

Do you really need a bank loan when your friends, relatives and neighbors can offer you small loans quickly and flexibly thanks to the tontine principle? Our service digitalizes the tontine, the savings and loan system between individuals particularly widespread in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Solidarity savings open to all

Give meaning to your savings by financing the projects of your loved ones regardless of your income. Get started now and become Tontineurs!



Be immediately informed of any new news in your online tontine.

Secure transfers

You can use bank transfers or direct debits to make your contributions. All transactions are secure and wallet management


Master all your deadlines, as well as those of other participants, and no longer let yourself be surprised by time.

Raising method

You have the possibility to choose between several prize pool recovery methods

Internal messaging

Benefit from a messaging space to chat with all the members of your tontine, or just one of them.

Real-time tracking

Easily manage your tontines. You are aware in the blink of an eye of the summary of your tontines online.

Let's reinvent savings

Our apps in preview! Sign up now to become a tontine member.

What our clients say about us

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